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The sky held not a cloud allowing the stars to smile down on the small crowd of cloaked figures. They stod in a circle with a sort of electric excitement in the air as they chattered in the language of the trees. As the full moon neared its peak in the midnight sky, the gathering moved into a circle. In the center laying upon a stone alter was a small childlike figure whom appeared to be pregnant. The alters shape was like a shard of the near by mountains carved out by the rain and polished by the wind.
Though the night was beautiful by any means, the wind moving through the trees growled and hissed, like a beast aware and disapproving of the act to come. However this ritual could not wait any longer. The chanting began quietly barely audible over the chatter of the leaves, but it grew slowly until not even the wind could be distinguished amongst the rattling voices.
The eldest of the robes stepped forth approching the woman on the alter. She smiled as he approached and he smiled back, a smile that vanished when he heard the voice break from the chat. The Elder lept forward as magic whirled through the air from all directions.
A Pilliar of lightning came down apon the alter, but it was blocked by the large bear standing over the small figure. The flashing of lightning leaping all around the clearing striking at the druid attemptings to save the girl and the elder. The elder franticly seached through the flashes in his new form.
There was one figure standing just outside of the circle, he was waving his hands wildly forming the way the lightning hurtled through the air. The Bear opened his mouth as if to let out a mighty roar but all that came was his fury formed into a sudden patch of fire surrounding the betrayer. His cloak on fire he pulled it off and began to retreat, revieling the symbol tatooed upon his back.
The lightning soon settled down and the bear moved to see the body of the young woman. Sorrow filled him as he looked down at the halflings limp existence and as hope fled from the oldman, he returned to his halfling form... yet there was still life in his daughter... not her life but her child, it was alive somehow.
He work fast to save the child and as he held the miniscule child he sensed a vicious storm in nature, yet is was all in this child. The boy opened his eyes and the flashes of lightning deep inside them slowly subsided.
"This child shall bring about a great destruction, and his fury will come for those who have crossed him..." The elder waved his hand and the alter and the symbol tatooed on the man carved itself into the alter. "He will need to know this to fulfill his destiny.... may nature forgive him for his crimes."
The elder took from the body of his daughter a amulet, "Your name will be Tuvi, son of the lightning. You will need this for your vengence..."

* * * * * *

As Tuvi grew he gave his grandfather a run for his money. His nickname quickly became Tue, meaning child of thunder. He lived up to his name, he was a loud child, and he echoed through the grove. Although the child was very loud, it was when he was quiet that became the concern. That ment he was up to something, and rarely was that something safe.
Aside from the continuous danger he posed himself and all those around him, his grandfather loved him and tried to teach him the ways of the druid. The was until the force of nature from his birth took form nearly stiking down a rather startled bear. After saving Tuvi's life by talking down the bear, the grandfather knew why this boy was so wild, why he was unable to understand the druid life, and why he would now have to leave the grove. He was 15 and already he would be forced to face the world alone, but it was time to push him from the nest.
The Elder took Tuvi to the alter with the symbol still etched in the stone, he explain how the night went and the fall of his fellows... the death of his daughter. Tears came from both as the night was brought back to life through the elders words. As the story came to an end, the flashing of the lightning behind Tuvi's eyes flashed, he was silent as the storm of rage and hatred moved through him. His Grandfather handed him the small amulet made of scale that glistened a metallic blue.
Tuvi took it slipping it around his neck and letting it hang beneath his shirt. They walked back to the hut in silence. For this is the last night they may ever see each other again, for Tuvi would leave in the morning to find the calm of his storm, and by doing so begin to seek out his destiny.
*To be continued*

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